Parus RED
Parus RED

Bohumil Sýkora:

2 – Way bookshelf passive loudspeaker / Red version

Not hiding.
Naked truth on the body of PARUS. Tattooed descriptions together with frequency characteristics. Used materials showed in their raw form.

Acoustic design of PARUS by Bohumil Sýkora (Sýkora, latin: parus) – legend in the field of sound engineering in Czech Republic.

All in Red body.

  • Speaker sensitivity: 82dB/2.83V 1m (F+-3dB)
  • Frequency range: 62–20k Hz
  • Impedance: 8Ω
  • Power: 50 – 100W
  • Size: 190x300x260 mm

Recommended basic installation set
Music Lover / Full connectivity: PARUS + Pro-Ject MAIA S3
High Fidelity / Full connectivity: PARUS + Pro-Ject MaiA DS3
Dedicated to Sound: PARUS + Pro-Ject Pre Box RS2 Digital + Pro-Ject Amp Box RS

Parus RED
Parus RED
Parus RED

Parus RED

1800 € / pair