Harangi Sound

Bespoke acoustic solutions & premium acoustic products

We provide services for specific areas

Acoustics for Architects & Designers

A foundational step for architects to understand and integrate acoustic requirements into the design from the outset, crucial for the building’s overall functionality and comfort.

Spatial & building acoustics

We specialize in optimizing building acoustics, offering noise assessments, acoustic modeling, and sound insulation evaluations to enhance living and working environments.

Acoustics of private and public spaces

Providing tailored acoustic solutions for homes, commercial spaces, and special listening environments, focusing on noise reduction and sound quality improvement.

Other Acoustic &  Special services

We offer a wide range of acoustic services, from noise measurement and analysis in various environments to noise reduction in residential and workspaces. We design improvements in acoustics.

Audiovisual systems

Comprehensive audiovisual equipment solutions for both indoor and outdoor settings, from home projectors to extensive commercial systems.