Working together / let’s not pay for advice

With our clients, we work in such a way that we first try to come up with an organic and logical solution based on their design / needs and our acoustic measurement. Sound is a natural thing, so we work with it using things that are all around us – no need to thing about extra payments from the very beggining. Secondary, we use acoustic elements.


  • Phase 1. We carry out acoustic measurements, after which we know exactly what wavelengths we need to focus on. In other words, we know exactly how much of what material we need to put where.
  • Phase 2. The project design. The design is created by either us or the architectural studio with which the investor collaborates. The design process is a continuous joint work, in which we consult each step to ensure that it meets the needs of both acoustics and the client / architect.
  • Phase 3. The realisation. We realize the project ourselves or we train your building company.

In the field of acoustics, we can do

  • Measurement of room acoustic parameters (frequency response, reverberation RT60, RT30, RT20, Clarity, impulse response).
  • Transmissivity, crosstalk.
  • Noise level measurements, beamforming, etc.
  • Measurement of absorption and reflectivity of materials (if you have your own idea of the material you want to realize your project with), frequency characterization of acoustic elements and their design.

Our Offer

The acoustics consultation is free of charge. We believe in reciprocy.

  • Acoustic materials – We supply and install all publicly available acoustic materials – from damping materials, ceilings, tiles, to diffusers and absorbers from all brands and manufacturers in the EU.
  • Audio – We supply and install all audio equipment of all brands available in the EU / Multiroom systems, active sound systems, outdoor sound systems etc).

For advice, enquire or a quote, please email to